Branded WebApp

Brand-able Member WebApp allow business to promote their branding on Eber member system. Allowing it to be a unique program only to your respective business for better customer awareness and recognition.

  •    Fully branded and customisable to your brand style and colour

  •    Fully customisable home screen, linkable to any website or social media

  •    View customisable digital member card with photo support

  •    One-click login via SMS, no password needed to be entered

  •    View list of rewards which can be instantly updated

  •    Notification page to list recent activities

  •    Sell of your gift card within the web app

  •    Online transaction is linked to your payment gateway

  •    Guide to add web app icon to home screen

  •    Customisable terms and condition page

  •    Viewable from any desktop browser and mobile devices

New members receive their member card with just one click

EBER works with real retailers and build a technology for you to receive their member card instantly. Within seconds after becoming your member, they will receive a SMS. With just one click on a unique link shown on the SMS, they will receive their member card instantly. Along with member program information and, if any, welcome rewards.